November 17, 2017

My Complete Collection of music is now available (direct purchase only). In addition, my old, indivudial, albums will start no longer being available on most sites. If you want to buy any individual albums, be sure to do so now! Check out my sales at Google Play and Bandcamp for the best deals on older albums, that aren't part of a collection, such as the pentacircuit collection.
I will also be releasing my limited edition, Exclusive Collectors Set. It will include my Complete Collection and special Circuit Santa goodies!

I started work a while back on a special album to be released before Christmas. It is included in the Complete Collection and will be sent after completion to anyone who gets the Complete Collection or the Exclusive Collectors Set (which includes the Complete Collection).
It will be the last Circuit Static release before all the big changes next year!

My FREE "Best of" released, and is now available on Bandcamp, direct download, and on Google Play.

If you would like, you can contribute tips / donations to my music production with my link,
or to my gmail address  (circuit (.dot) static (@at) gmail (.dot) com via Google Wallet.

Need to contact me? Contact information is listed at the bottom of each of my pages.
Want to know more? Read more about the history of Circuit Static at my About page