January 20, 2018

The Present: 
The first official episode of my new internet radio show "House of Static" released on Friday, January 12, 2018. Be sure to check out my deidcated page for House of Static as more information comes out, and for links on where you can listen to and download it. I have also brought back a Photos section by popular demand, still working on it, but it's available.

The Future:
The future for Circuit Static is all about Circuit Static 2.0 now. You can read more here.

The Past:
A ton has happened recently with the upcoming massive changes this year. Here are the highlights of the recent changes:

- I recently released a couple DJ mixes on my Mixcloud page for both Christmas and New Years Eve. (available for a limited time)
- I completed my Circuit Santa Exclusive Holiday Promotions. Where fans got the Complete Collection, and a special package of Circuit Static goodies! Plus, many of the proceeds go to the few organizations that helped me during my recent time of need (which you can read about here).
- I released the Circuit Static Complete Collection, containing all my works prior to next year and my upcoming changes. It is still available for direct purchase only.
- I released Northern Lights: A Synthwave Christmas. Available on Bandcamp, direct download, and Google Play.
- I released a new FREE album, the Best of Circuit Static which is available on Bandcamp, direct download, and on Google Play.
- My Video link has returned with some of my old fan music videos, featuring some of my music.

If you would like, you can contribute tips / donations to my music production with my PayPal.me link, become a Patreon,
or donate to my gmail address - circuit (dot) static (at) gmail.com via Google Wallet.

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Want to know more? Read more about the history of Circuit Static at my About page