February 20, 2018

The Present:

Website received a somewhat unexpected update. I had a couple minor revisions I wanted to do, then decided I could do the whole thing better... so I did! I am still doing some additional minor updates to the new site, so if you see an error or have suggestions, contact me. (circuit (at) circuitstatic (dot) com)
I have also been releasing the new House of Static Internet Radio Show. I even released a throwback mix I did some years back for Valentines Day. You can listen and download all these mixes from my House of Static page. My most recent House of Static episode is also below:

The Future:

You may have read about the Circuit Static changes that have started this year. I am still working out the financial logistics of my next album, as it is a large undertaking. I have ways you can donate listed at the bottom of this page, and am working on more ways I can raise the money for it.

The Past:

Last year was incredible for me as a musician. Despite the year starting with some serious personal hardships, I made enough money from donations and sales to not starve to death. I performed at BSidesLV, which was amazing! I released 5 brand new albums in 2017, and a few compilation style albums (like my Best of). I have also been added to so many other independent radio shows I can hardly keep track. I am hopeful that this year will see even more success, but I can't do that without YOU!

In addition to purchasing my works, you can contribute tips to my music production with my PayPal.me link, become a Patreon, or donate to my gmail address - circuit (dot) static (at) gmail.com with Google Wallet.

Want to know more? Read more about the history of Circuit Static at my About page