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Circuit Static Red, White and JAM

It is no secret that Circuit Static (Chisholm Morris) has a love for the arts and helping create new things. It doesn't matter if he is creating new musicgraphicsa technical product, or even helping a group get an event, non-profit, or business launch.

Circuit is now largely known as a multi-genre musician. It's true that he mostly does what would be called EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and Synthwave. However, his collection of works also includes music from genres such as Rock, Jazz, Classical, Down-tempo, Holiday Soundtracks, and many more.

In addition to his musical works, Circuit has a reputation with other arts, entrepreneurial works & technology. His artistic works also include writing, graphic design, voice and stage acting, as well as directing. He is also known in the technical & gaming fields as an entrepreneur, marketer, engineer, inventor & security enthusiast.

While Circuit largely works as a composer, he has done a few live performances of his music as well. Circuit performed at OktoberCon in 2004. Then again at Fandemonium in 2005. He didn't perform after that until the first electronic music event in Elko, Nevada on July 2nd 2012 called Red, White & JAM! Then he performed at the BSidesLV pool party in Las Vegas Nevada on July 26 2017 and is currently arranging for additional performances in 2018. Interested? Contact me from my contact information at the bottom of any of my pages.

Despite being involved with music since the mid 1990's, Circuit released his debut album Demonstration Circuit: Music to Hack to under the artist name "Circuit Static" on August 3rd 2014. During the first month, the CD release became #3 on the Amazon Rave music charts & got more than 10,000 plays on SoundCloud in only the first 24 hours, when it was previously available on SoundCloud. Circuit also hit #8 in the world on ReverbNation EDM charts in May 2015 out of millions of musicians worldwide*. Including holding #1 in Portland, OR, at the time, with the local EDM charts for nearly a year straight.

Now Circuit Static music can be found on BandcampGoogle PlayiTunesAmazonSpotifyYouTubeNapster (formerly Rhapsody)TidaliHeartRadioPandora, and hundreds more locations. This also includes being added to a number of independent Internet radio shows such as the Society's Basement PodcastThat Fake Guy Dan Project (part of Aerith Radio)Peanut Radio & EMZT Radio. Circuit Static music is also available in a number of catalogs for order or licensing for use in soundtracks for Movies, Video Games, etc. via ASCAP. You can even order music Direct from my website!

In addition to placing on multiple charts & having his music available virtually everywhere, Circuit has also been interviewed by DeadMetal MusicCircuit Static: EDM With a Twist”, was reviewed by ECHOSYNTHETIC for his album NEW HORIZONS, was added to The Placenta Family Tree Volume 12 compilation album, included on the first volume of the Deep Indie Gems Compilation, and did an official remix for the well known artist mc chris song Freddy's Dead.

It is also no secret that many changes are coming to Circuit Static music, starting in 2018. While more about the changes is listed on my page for Circuit Static 2.0, they are sure to be welcome changes given the ever increasing fanbase for his music.

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