Oh look, another about page.
Don't worry, we will try not to bore you.

Who are "We"?
You might call us the royal we, but I wouldn't. One of us don't like to be compared to royalty.
I say "we", even though truly it is just "I", Circuit Static. When I say it is just "I" it also means I do all aspects of my production, and am truly an independent (solo) artist at this time.

Too many recommendations going back and forth saying to write this about page in the 3rd or 1st person, and nobody can seem to make up their minds. I know the feeling, "we" sometimes can't make up our minds either.

That said, we didn't want to just drone on and tell you things like, "when the Circuit Static debut album of Demonstration Circuit: Music to Hack to came out on August 3rd 2014 it became #3 on the Amazon Rave music charts & got more than 10,000 plays on SoundCloud in only the first 24 hours." Then again, I suppose we just did?

Did You Know?
- Circuit hit #8 in the world on ReverbNation EDM charts in May 2015 out of millions of musicians worldwide. Including holding #1 where he lived at the time in Portland, Oregon with the local EDM charts for nearly a year straight.
- Circuit was interviewed by Dead Metal Music, and then had his album New Horizons reviewed by EchoSynthetic. Even been getting some blog reviews like on this page from Cade FON Apollyon. The review and links are at the bottom of the page.

Live Performances
While Circuit largely works as a composer, he has done a few live performances of his music as well. Circuit performed at OktoberCon in 2004. Then again at Fandemonium in 2005. He didn't perform after that until the first electronic music event in Elko, Nevada on July 2nd 2012 called Red, White & JAM! Then he performed at the BSidesLV pool party in Las Vegas Nevada on July 26 2017 and is currently increasing his performances for 2018.
Interested? Contact Circuit Static before it's too late! (circuit (at) circuitstatic (dot) com)

Where can you find Circuit Static Music?
It's a long list, but here is the short version... Bandcamp, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, Napster (formerly Rhapsody), Tidal, iHeartRadio, Pandora. That list didn't include the ever increasing number of independent Internet radio broadcasts (including his own House of Static broadcast). There have also been a number of compilation albums that have started to include Circuit Static music. Music Supervisors and others looking to license Circuit Static music may be interested to know that licensing and is available through ASCAP (a music rights organization).

If you got this far, I bet you thought the style of this about page was unconventional. That is just one of the things people tend to remember about Circuit Static. He is not the 'norm', typically has a dark sense of humor, and isn't afraid to blur the genre lines when he wants to.

If you like what Circuit Static is doing, consider following him on Twitter (where he is most active), buying his works, or even reaching out to him for a special performance or commission work -> (circuit (at) circuitstatic (dot) com)

He doesn't bite... hard. The Safe-word is "Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis"