Circuit Static Changes [last update February 20 2018]

Last year I announced a few of the changes my music will be taking this year, in an attempt to improve it over all. Below are just some of the planned changes:

- I have started releasing the official House of Static Internet radio broadcasts. They are currently released monthly, and each episode will have a new, original track from me. The new tracks will still be in my old 'style'. In addition, I also release one of my Throwback mixes each month. These are DJ style mixes I have done some years back that are being remastered and gradually re-released. If you aren't that patient, you can also become a Patreon to get even more!

- My album releases will be far less frequent, so I can focus on additional production quality. This will also mean I can release new albums on virtually all platforms (rather than only having select albums on all platforms). Along with this I will also be focusing much more on electronic style genres, rather than doing 'all' genres. The only expected exception are soundtrack style albums done for Halloween, and for other commission works. I have been searching for MY sound, and now I just need to find a way to afford releasing future albums in MY sound, rather than doing 'all' genres.

- I will have more promotions, such as giveaways (done @circuitStatic on Twitter). This is largely to help so that those who can't afford Circuit Static music still have a chance to get copies of Circuit Static works. This will include past works, since my future releases will be less frequent.

- More Circuit Static in the real world. This will include more live performances (as available), physical copies of Circuit Static works available at various music stores, and more promotional material from my store Tangible Technomancy.

- Hack the Planet!