Circuit Static 2.0

I have been talking quite a bit over the last couple months about my upcoming changes. I hadn't gone into any real detail since I was still working on it.
Here are just some of the expected changes:

- My musical style will have much more of a focus. When you hear Circuit Static music in the future, you will likely know it is mine (after you are familiar with my new music). I no longer plan to do 'all' musical genres. There are also so many genres for each slightly different focus, I am reluctant to classify my new music in a genre. I am sure you will hear some similarities in style, as I will still be solely creating the new works.

- My releases will not be as frequent. I never expected to become so popular as an indie musician, I just make music because I enjoy doing it. Now, I want to ensure all my current fans, and fans to be, experience the highest quality in my productions. This means more time to produce, but I think you will all be happier with what is created.

- I will have more promotions, such as giveaways, raffle drawings and more for those who can't afford Circuit Static products and music to still have a chance to get their own copies!

- More exposure. While it is true my music can be found virtually everywhere online, I will start working with more stores and performance venues. Not only will this mean physical Circuit Static media available in stores, but also more live performances (which are being improved and planned now) and possibly music videos!

- Other types of Circuit Static products are expected to be much more available. This includes C.D.s and other collectible media (possibly Cassette & Vinyl as well?). It will also include other items for you to show your support of Circuit Static such as t-shirts, stickers, buttons, and much more (from my store Tangible Technomancy)

- Hack the Planet!