Demonstration Circuit: Music to Hack to


Demonstration Circuit: Music to Hack to was the debut album for Circuit Static

After having mostly been doing DJ style continual set mixes, Circuit Static decided to return to original released music. This album has 17 songs that were done as a continual Trance style set. So if you listen to these songs in order & back-to-back, they tell a whole instrumental narrative of the joys (& dangers) of Hacking. In addition, this was the debut release after deciding on using the name Circuit Static for all works going forward.

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Track Listing:
1. Into the Beyond 04:06
2. Login to Your Dreams 05:42
3. Hash Bar 06:24
4. One of the Crowd 05:42
5. In too Deep 03:12
6. Comes the Dawn 02:40
7. Rotten Samples 01:55
8. Carrying On 02:17
9. In Motion 02:58
10. Retrospect 02:17
11. Void 02:10
12. Dark Desires 01:49
13. Drop Spot 02:30
14. Dreams Delayed 04:20
15. Into the Fray Once More 03:53
16. Save and Continue 04:20
17. Final Formula 03:32