Direct Purchase

Many of you have expressed an interest in buying my albums direct. Not only does this prevent any 3rd party restrictions, but helps Circuit Static keep all the proceeds! This means more production costs are covered, and in turn more products & music become available!

How does it work? Simple! Just click my handy link here ( and send $10 USD per each album you want

Each of the individual album links will let you know if they are available by having the "Direct Purchase" link option. If you are uncertain, you can also ask me before buying. Be sure to list all the album title(s) in the description when making the purchase. Within 24 hours (usually within only an hour), you will have an email with a special download link and instructions to get the album(s) right from my website!

No strings attached, no DLC restrictions, download anytime per the instructions. It couldn't get more simple! Currently I only offer direct purchase using PayPal, but if you would like to use Google Wallet, contact me. I can send you an invoice and you can download my album(s) the same way!

Still not sure if Circuit Static music is right for you? You can download or listen to my 2 FREE albums to the side. Demonstration Static features a mix of genres, while FREE Candy was released as a horror / Halloween soundtrack style album.

* IMPORTANT TERMS: The albums requested must be listed as availalbe on my website, only a few limited time albums aren't available direct, all items sold "AS-IS" and no refunds will be issued. You will see my real name "Chisholm Morris" listed on the link. These terms and availability may change at any time with or without notice. Circuit Static (Chisholm Morris) reserves the right to cancel this Direct Purchase option at any time. If you have specific questions about these terms, ASK before buying.