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NOTE: All download links below are for downloading compressed (zipped) folders containing the various Circuit Static albums & other digitial downloads.
All downloaded folders require a password to open. You can buy any of the below items for the price listed next to them.

Just send you payment to Circuit Static with his PayPal address, or to his Google Wallet at email: circuit (.dot) static (@at) gmail (.dot) com

Melophobia ($5 USD): Pre-Order

Breach Mix (FREE Album): Download

EDM Never Dies ($10 USD): Download

New Horizons ($10 USD): Download

Demonstration Static (FREE Album): Download

Out of This World ($10 USD): Download

pentacircuit one ($10 USD): Download

pentacircuit two ($10 USD): Download

pentacircuit three ($10 USD): Download

pentacircuit four ($10 USD): Download

pentacircuit five ($10 USD): Download

FREE Candy (FREE Album) ($10 USD): Download


- Other albums listed as available for direct purchase not listed above will be added if any direct purchase is made of that album, after purchase has been made. They are all $10 USD each.-

You can also visit my Music page, where you can select any album to find other markets it is availavble for sale on. Or, check out my other merchandise at my shop

While I do not accept Bitcoin for purchase, I do accept them for donation at the following address: 1EobMfMAaNaCd6mQ6Qy2GXnTbq7C1vytR8