Circuit Static: The Ambient Files ('96-'15)


Circuit Static: The Ambient Files ('96-'15) was a re-release of older music

Even though Circuit Static has been making music since 1995, he largely stopped releasing original works between roughly 2003-2012. During that time, he was focused primarily on working as a performance DJ & doing remixed songs and sets. This album was done to release most works by Circuit Static that either hadn't been released at all, or for a very long time.

Download Circuit Static: The Ambient Files ('96-'15)
This album no longer available. Songs are available on the pentacircuit collection albums.

Track Listing:
1 Serenity
2 The Facts about Mr. K
3 Beautiful Day
4 Yes
5 Is it Me?
6 Why My Jazz
7 Leave Me to Dream
8 Mixing Death
9 Water on Mars
10 Outter Space
11 Dark Chimes
12 Dark Love
13 Darkest Days